The origins of La Masía

The origins of La Masía

The Merchant's dream

Back in the final third of the 18th century, the ambition and desire of a trader known as the merchant led to the first few stones being laid in what would become a new settlement on the outskirts of the city of Castellón.
After a long period of neglect, the dream came true again at the end of 1980. A sophisticated restoration project, handled with great subtlety and integrity, recovered the remaining stones, managing to preserve the truth, elegance and essence of the merchant’s dream.

It is now a magnificent, majestic country house which, together with a small chapel, is part of the artistic and historical heritage of Castellón de La Plana, representing a building and area of outstanding interest.

Immersed in nature, surrounded by orange trees and the scent of orange blossom, La Masía opens its doors and welcomes us to a splendid inner courtyard, surrounded by green gardens, charming nooks and crannies and stunning views from the vantage point.

Since 2006, the country house has been working every day to offer you professionalism, excitement and the guarantee of a high-quality service, provided with countless little touches and with the sole aim of making your dream come true.

The country house’s team of professionals combines exacting professional standards with a great deal of refinement in the pursuit of excellence, learning together with you and setting new trends and, ultimately, tailoring each of our events to create unique experiences.

Bearing witness to the history of a dream, the dream of La Masía Les Casotes.

And who knows?

Maybe yours too.

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