Chamber of Commerce Award to Tourism, 2007

FOTUR Award, 2019

The media spreading the word about La Masía

But for us, the biggest award are your words… THANK YOU

We only can be very grateful with all La Masía Les Casotes team.
All it was incredible! The place was spectacular and the food, still better.
Absolutely, everything was perfect. Our guests kept surprised with the team’s professionality and the food’s quality. And all of that, means a lot to us and make us really happy.
We recommend it 100%

Rocío & Javier

From the very first sight moment, we fall in love with the place, and we know that it can’t be in other place.
It’s all so beautiful!
La Masía has so much enchantment and all our guests enjoyed as much as we do. We helped us in each step, always gave us tips to the day was perfect. And the food was a ‘10’.
Definitely… We come back to repeat a hundred times again!
Thank you!

Nereida & Jose

We married in La Masía Les Casotes and we can’t be more enchanted. La Masía is located in a precious environment with careful installations with so much love.
About the Miguel Martí’s food, guests enjoyed the cocktail as much the dish presentation and the food quality.
The wedding’s day organization was a ’10’. They were always be very attentives with all the guests and taking care all the details.
Thank you so much to all team to do our wedding an unforgettable day.

Sonia & Héctor

Eight years ago, our uncles married in La Masía Les Casotes, and since that day, we knew that we would marry there for its spectacular food, organization and service, and also for the place surrounded by nature to which we are identified.
We have imagined so many times how it would be our wedding day, and you did it better than our imagination. You take care of each detail and make it very easy. We only worried to enjoy it.
Thank you from my heart to all the human team. What a party!
The guests were really happy, and the couple would repeat without any doubt.

Miriam & Joaquín

We wanted to thank you from our hearts to made our wedding day in the most beautiful day of our lives.
You are such big professionals. The food was perfect, each detail, the aperitif, the service…
All the guest were astounded with the food!
I hope that from my wedding has a lot of more, my friend’s next wedding she wants to celebrate in your place! We already have desire to came back.

Coral & Javi

Les Casotes has an enchantment and magic that it falls in love to someone who visit it. I fell in love only to see the Instagram’s photos, but in live, the place multiply by 100…
And the wedding day with all the decoration, flowers, etc., it’s a spectacle!
All the guest loved the place, the Miguel Martí’s food and the personal attention.
We recommend it 100%.

Sara & Rubén

La Masía’s environment is wonderful, and the team is incredible. Without any doubt, we would repeat one thousand times with them!
Definitely, it was a marvellous day, and we are really grateful with all the team.
Everything was perfect!

Adriana & Dani

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