Because we don’t believe in off-the-peg weddings.
Every wedding is unique, not a reproduction or imitation.
Created with your soul, heart and creativity.
Fully bespoke weddings.
Leave your mark.


Chamber of Commerce Award to Tourism 2007

FOTUR 2019 award

Our Meraki Method

If your story is unique, why plan your wedding like everybody else?
We bet you’ve attended lots of weddings that follow the same script. So much so that, if you’ve been to several weddings in the same year, they all end up blending into one another.

You normally get that feeling at weddings that are organised by following standard scripts and the same old templates, which end up being repeated at all weddings. That’s why they all seem alike.

At La Masía, we don’t believe that you can standardise a love story. Your story is extraordinary,
so our main aim is always to harness your essence on your wedding day and make it shine.

Our top priority is to allow you to custom-design everything, based on your preferences, so that you can have a
unique experience that will make you feel special and your loved ones will never forget.
For this purpose, we have developed our MERAKI method. The meaning of Meraki is:

“Putting your soul, heart, creativity and love into everything that you are passionate about. It means to leave your mark on everything that you do and on your life”

We believe that there is no other philosophy that better defines us, because we love our work and we want to reflect this through you.

Meraki is one of those few words that has not translation or synonym in any other language, much like the love that you have for each other, which cannot be compared to any other story.

This word has Mediterranean roots, just like us and our Masía, with solid stone walls from the 18th century
that served as a reference to create our method, consisting of 4 cornerstones that are our bedrock
and which we follow in every wedding to make sure that they are each unique and full of unforgettable memories.




What do you want to convey?
What experience do you want on the big day?
That’s where the conversation should begin
when starting a wedding. This is why,
as soon as we meet you, all of our
attention is focused on listening to you,
finding out what you are about, what’s important
to you and the things that matter less. We respect
every second of your wedding and
we help you to organise it so that it
is perfect.


Simplified decision-making

With every wedding, there comes a time when
you have to go one step further and
start thinking about everything that needs to be
arranged. Our main role here is to simplify
your decision-making.
We will show you different proposals and inspirational
ideas that will serve as the basis for designing and
planning your perfect setting. We will also give you
access to a wide range of external professionals who
will allow you to assemble the team that will be
accompanying you on your big wedding day.


Design and attention
to every detail

A wedding is not just one day.
It involves months of organising, preparations, joy, love…
So our commitment to you is to stay continuously
involved from the first day that you contact us.
Our goal is to establish ties with you, your suppliers
and your guests, to be there for everything that you need,
so that you feel supported and you are able to enjoy
this exciting journey of preparation with complete
peace of mind.


Organisation, coordination
and full control

The big day has finally arrived.
This is when the magical effect happens. The beauty
of nature, the attention to every detail,
the excellence of our food and the great care with
which you will be treated by our event team will leave you
in a state of harmony, allowing you to glide through the day
and intensely enjoy every second, with the complete
peace of mind of knowing that you are in
the best possible hands.

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